Logo Creation

Here we'll look at the process of creating the Good Human Travel Logo.

I always prefer starting out with some quick sketches. Sometimes these provide the ideas for what will end up as your final logo, and sometimes they just let you know what's NOT working. Either way it's a good way to start getting a feel for which direction you want to take things.

But in this case I was antsy to get some vectors going, so I took things into Adobe Illustrator to see what we could come up with. First of all, how would a monogram look? Not bad, but not quite what the client was going for.

The inspiration for this company came during a visit to a Rhino sanctuary in Kenya. Perhaps if I create a rhino outline it could somehow work it's way into the equation.

It is a global travel company, maybe I should try to work the globe into the mix? Nope, don't like that at all. There's a number of reasons why this isn't working, but it's also important for the logo to look nice even at a very small size in today's world of mobile-first design, and this is way too busy.

Maybe we need to take things in a totally different direction. Let's see how the words fit together. Hmmm. Look at how nicely the bottom of that "n" lines up with the "l". Is there any way I can connect the words and bring everything together?

Ooh, I'm starting to like that. Connecting those letters really cleaned things up, not to mention by altering the typeface you can now trademark the image. It also alleviates the need for those spacer lines, so let's get rid of those and close everything in together.

Nice! This is starting to look like something we can use. But....the client wants something to let people know this is an earth-friendly company. Something subtle, maybe a leaf?

She likes it! The next question is, do we want to keep it black? A plain black logo is always classy, nothing wrong with that. However, this website could use something a bit more fun and lively. Let's start thinking about what color scheme the website will take on, and perhaps we can integrate that into the logo.

Well, not only did we decide on a possible color scheme for the site, but we also found a font that we both really liked. Converting the logo into the same font and color scheme as the rest of the site really connects the image to the content and gives us the opportunity to extend the branding beyond the confines of the website. Wouldn't this logo look nice on a business card?