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Christopher Cornwell

Christopher Cornwell

Front End Developer, UI/UX Designer

Fluent in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, Sass, and SQL. Experienced with Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, WordPress, usability studies, management, team building, and presentation.

Play Doggie Daycare

PLAY is a Seattle based doggie daycare which recently opened a second location. One of my main priorities with this redesign has been to highlight the two separate locations by way of embedding google maps and creating separate form handlers for the client applications.

The client wants users to feel confident that their dogs will be safe at PLAY, so I've taken the opportunity to link positive Yelp and Facebook reviews throughout the site, while also using JavaScript and CSS animations along with fun imagery to help give it a playful and inviting feel. The original company logo was a bit dated, so I updated that and extended this new branding throughout the site.

For this project I've also been able to take the time to work on site, taking most of the photos myself, and optimizing all of the imagery to make sure everything loads smoothly. I also plan to convert this site to a custom WordPress theme and design some new brochures and business cards to match the new and improved branding.

Play Visual Design Showcase

Good Human Travel

Good Human Travel is an eco-tourism startup that I had the opportunity to work with from the ground up. Since there was no existing product or website, I had a blank canvas ripe for creation!

Before even getting into the site's design I needed to pinpoint our user's needs, which I did through affinity diagramming among other methods to come up with our information architecture. From there I created the logo, and began extending the branding into the rest of the site.

Once again I was responsible for the design and development across the entire site, which gave me a chance to use a wide variety of my skillset. Logos and other visual designs were done using Adobe Illustrator, images were optimized in Photoshop. The code is a mixture of HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, PHP, Javascript, and JQuery.

Finally I converted the entire website into a Wordpress theme providing the client with the ability to update at will through a content management system.

GHT Visual Design Showcase

Alpine Organics

For Alpine Organics I focused heavily on designing the UI throughout the entire shopping experience, as well as the overall branding of the company.

In terms of the branding, I designed all of the various logos and decided on the color scheme and font usage throughout the product line. This can all be found in the Alpine Organics Brand Guide, which I also produced.

For the user interface throughout the shopping cart, I started by creating the interaction design before working on all of the wireframes. Once I converted those wireframes into visual designs, I took the time to create an interactive protosite.

In addition to added focus on UI in correlation with e-commerce, for this site I was able to continue to expand my knowledge of JavaScript and CSS animations. I was also pleased to be allowed to dive even deeper down the rabbit hole that is brand identity.

Alpine Organics Visual Design Showcase

Springbok Studios

Springbok was looking for a playful brand without coming across as childish or inexperienced, which I saw as an opportunity to let loose a little bit when it came to color and typeface choices.

I started out by creating the logo, showcasing a "pronking springbok". Then I shifted focus to print design, specifically letterhead and business cards.

Unfortunately this project never really took off and was eventually cancelled. Despite that I still had a great time working on it, and used it as a learning experience.

Sprinbok Print Design Showcase

I'd love to hear from you!

If you have a project that you'd like my help with, please be as descriptive as possible in the comments sections. Include the scope of the work needed and what kind of budget and timeline you're working with. I'll do my best to respond quickly to serious inqueries.